My coding sounds - 100% focus for dev 🎧

My coding sounds - 100% focus for dev 🎧

21 février 2024
Guillaume Ducuing - Front-end developer - React | NextJS | PrismicGuillaume Ducuing

I present to you the sounds I regularly listen to in order to increase my productivity in front of my screen, or at the very least, to immerse myself in a bubble that disconnects me from the rest of the world, allowing me to escape while remaining focused on my code!

Sounds for coding 🎧

Mes sons pour coder

I didn't randomly send you a photo of Peru; I mainly listen to world music (electronic) that I'm sharing with you today, which helps me focus entirely on coding! I won't hide that it's a bit unusual as music, but I feel like traveling with these sounds, so I'm sharing them with you, hoping we can travel together :). I'm not sure if they're all available on Spotify since I use YouTube Music, so I'm sharing YouTube videos with you; it's up to you to search if you like the artists! I'm sharing as many unique tracks as possible that I believe are worth listening to. I'll keep this list updated regularly, so feel free to share with me in the comments any artists & tracks that inspire you!

Source: Youtube - rythmes du sud
Source: Youtube - J. Pool
Source: Youtube - Cafe De Anatolia
Source: Youtube - millemon - electronic / world music
Source: Youtube - Chancha via Circuito
Source: Youtube - Bon Entendeur
Source: Youtube - Bon Entendeur